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Downsizing with the New Roger Federer Wilson Pro Staff RF85

While Roger Federer has been hanging out, skipping the clay and prepping for Wimbledon grass, Wilson has been busy getting ready to release a new retro-inspired tennis racquet branded with Fed’s name and face, the Pro Staff RF85.

It’s out on June 1. Get it here: TW/USA

Pro Staff RF85

Pete Sampras won 14 Slams with the St. Vincent version of this frame. Roger Federer used the 6.0 85 briefly when he was starting out. It comes with the same look as its big brother the RF97 Autograph, and also includes an engraved image of Federer.

“At 85 square inches, the RF85 is absolutely surgical on full swings” (a small head size like this is NOT for beginners or intermediate players). “Factor in the classic 17mm beam, thin leather grip and Braided Graphite constriction, and the result is unmatched feel. With its meaty weight, this stick not only feels stable on ground strokes, but it plows through the ball like a hot knife through butter,” says TW.

It has the same beauty cosmetic as Fed’s RF97 Autograph. The Autograph has a 97 sq. in head and the Wilson Burn Countervail has a 100 sq. in as comparison. 85 is small – very retro.

Pro Staff RF85

“In addition to its exceptional control, strong players will find the needed mass to drive the ball powerfully through the court. For all its weight, the RF85 feels relatively fast thanks to its head light balance. The upside is easier access to spin along with some impressive all-court speed (think quicker reaction times in the front court).”

This racquet is definitely not for everyone but it is WAY cool.

Pro Staff RF85For the purist with solid mechanics, there are few racquets that deliver this kind of control and feel.

Pro Staff RF85

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