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Martina Hingis Plays On In New Tennis Fashion Capsule

If you follow Tennis Identity you know that Martina Hingis is working with Tonic on their tennis and fitness lines. She wears the line while competing (now a world champion doubles specialist) and does a bit of designing and modeling in between. Her performance very obviously proves that the line plays well. She also makes it look quite beautiful.

Here she is on court with trophy and partner Yung-Jan Chan in Indian Wells earlier this year. Martina is wearing Tonic’s Spring Ambition line below. Chan wears Lacoste.

So, here’s what’s new:

We’re excited to show you these images of Tonic’s summer capsule line which was just released. Here are our favorite pieces.

Martina Hingis Tonic tennis fashion

Above, Tonic’s Dihvahyn Tank and Drop Shot Skirt. The simple, strappy tank and breezy mesh skirt are both lightweight, perfect for playing in summer heat. The fern print  – adore – has an artsy, impressionist feel to it.

Martina Hingis Tonic Tennis Fashion

Photography by Ben C.K.

The collection also offers a tennis dress using insets of the fern print. The look is very sleek, very classy here in navy.

Now if we could just get a little more doubles coverage!

Find it all here at TW/USA .


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