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Sascha Zverev Bests Novak Djokovic In 2017 Italian Open Final

Novak Djokovic may be the former world number one, but not for a moment did world number 16 and 20 year old Alexander Zverev allow him to play like one. From the start, and in the first game, when Zverev broke Djokovic, this young man just had a air of the future about him.

Tall in height and strong in presence, Alexander Zverev looks fearless. He likes to play from the back of the court and only when Djokovic brought him into the net, did he look unsure of what to do. The two have never played against each other before and it showed as Djokovic spent the first set trying to get to grips with Zverev’s grounds strokes  which moved his opponent effortlessly from corner to corner, winning rally after rally. This has to have been one of the matches of the year.

At 4 -2 down in the second set, everybody in the stands could sense a short match and a newly crowned first-time Masters champion. The tension was rising. The crowd started to play there part as Djokovic held serve to the cheering of his name. This must have been the only moment Novak Djokovic felt good. It wasn’t to last as Djokovic was issued a warning for obscene language in the next game.

The result never looked in doubt and at 5-3 down and 30-30 with Djokovic serving, Zverev returned a forehand into the net. Djokovic offered up a weak smile that wasn’t to last long. 80 minutes into the match and the moment finally arrived when Djokovic double faulted to give Zverev his first match point. That was all he needed, as Djokovic’s return backhand went long. Next the umpire said,  ‘6-4 6-3, game set and match Zverev”.

A new star is born.

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