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Sir Andy’s Talent And A Promising Young Brit

British tennis has a hero in Sir Andy Murray. It has to be admitted that since becoming world number one Andy Murray has played like anything but. Murray has suffered some surprising losses and he is never magnanimous in defeat. Maybe less swearing on the court and more of a business like attitude could help matters along. With the French Open here and Wimbledon round the corner the British will undoubtedly get behind him. He has a second Wimbledon championship title to defend and on current form, he isn’t looking like a winner. In steps Karl Edmunds and Dan Evans, who will surely be wild carded into the main draw? Both are very gritty players with talent, but this trio is pretty much it, when all said and done for British tennis.

Jay Clarke and Andy Murray Tennis

Jay Clarke, pictured above with Andy Murray last week, is a rising star. This shy and gifted young man is full of ambition, which could soon make him one of the most discussed players in British tennis. He has just turned 18 and as a junior he stands out as the only player with a winning record against the gifted Frances Tiafoe of the United States.

Clarke is currently ranked 480 in the world and at the request of Sir Andy Murray, is hitting with him on the practice courts of Roland Garros. This young man is one to watch, and maybe a wild card into Wimbledon will give us all that opportunity.

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One thought on “Sir Andy’s Talent And A Promising Young Brit”

  1. Andy needs to find his confidence back. He’s a great defense player and I believe more practice with young guns will help him fight the ever improving sport. Tennis is very competitive these days.

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