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Tennis Has Gone To The Dogs | Pros & Their Pets

It’s National Pet Month here in the United States (April in the UK) and we thought it would be fun to showcase some of the top pros and their pets. Serena Williams is most famous for her Grand Slam titles, but she’s also known for toting her little Yorkie Chip (she refers to him as “her son”) wherever she goes.

Serena’s sister Venus is also accompanied on tour with Harold.

Caroline Wozniacki’s BFF has to be her golf cart co-pilot, Bruno (that’s him in the feature shot in his own adidas soccer jersey):


Caro and Bruno

Then we come to Andy Murray, a big dog fan. When you’ve had a tough match, who’s there to cheer you up? WHO is?

Andy has two dogs, Maggie May and Rusty. Maggie was named after the Rod Stewart song, and Rusty was named after Lleyton Hewitt.

Andy Murray, Rusty, and Maggie May

Here’s Andy at Wimbledon two years ago meeting some cocker spaniel puppies who were training to be sniffer dogs:

Novak Djokovic has two dogs, Pierre and Tesla. Here’s Tesla having a ball, literally, on the courts of Monte Carlo. Ruff life, so to speak.

Maria Sharapova’s Pomeranian Dolce has even starred on TV spots for Canon.


*Murray photo from *Woz photo from USA Today

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