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Vika Azarenka’s Return

The Wimbledon draw is not yet out, but we now know that Victoria Azarenka’s comeback will start on the grass of SW18. The feisty former world number one has been out of the game since the summer of 2016 and gave birth to her son Leo this past December.


So, what can we expect on her return? Well, there is the question of volume. Like Maria Sharapova, Azarenka is one of the loudest players on tour, but equal to that, she has a work like focus only comparable perhaps to Sharapova herself. While she has been out of match play, her hitting partner Sacha Bijan went to work for Caroline Wozniacki. Bijan started on tour working for Serena Williams, who was surprised and upset when he quit to work for her then-main rival Azarenka. The two remain good friends though.

Wimbledon will be delighted with the news of Azarenka’s return. The top half of the rankings is looking a little characterless without Serena and maybe even Maria Sharapova, who will have to qualify to make it into the main draw.

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