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McEnroe Won’t Apologize For Serena Remarks

Updated 06/28: By now we all know what John McEnroe said about Serena Williams. You missed it? Let’s recap. In an NPR interview (and remember, he’s got a new book out today, But Seriously, so it’s in his best interest to get some controversy going) he stated “if she played the men’s circuit she’d be like 700 in the world.” Let’s listen in. The entire clip is a great listen but this quote is starting about 6:30 in.

(It’s interesting that the NPR host in the original clip prodded him by saying “Why qualify it? Some would say she’s the best player in the world. Why say female player?” To me, she was baiting him. It’s obvious why he said “female;” there are two separate tours. Women have their tour, and the men their tour. They don’t compete against one another, so his response had to be qualified. Am I missing something? A Mac controversy with Wimbledon nearing does feels right, though.)

Meanwhile, Serena blew him off in a brief tweet response.

Now, Mac has gone on to the Dan Patrick show, and comments on the resulting kerfuffle.

He also visited the CBS morning news program, and when asked if he wanted to apologize to Serena, he said “no.”

The Today Show also weighed in.

As did Stephen Colbert.

This too shall pass. And Serena’s got other stuff to do.

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