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Jack Sock Gets Peter Woodville His Wimbledon Towel

First a little background, since we all know Jack Sock, but the name Peter Woodville might have you wondering. We’ll get to him in a sec. So, Jack Sock won his first round match at Wimbledon on Tuesday. As he was at his chair getting his gear together, he casually tossed his Wimbledon towel to a young fan who was asking for it. As it flew in the air towards the young fan, a boorish adult snatched it away. As they say on the nightly news, let’s go to the videotape.

Judy Murray, who knows a thing or two about tennis, was not happy. And Sock was eager to make things right.

According to Daily Mail, “Sock’s agent Mary Jane Orman said on Wednesday that a boy from Ireland had messaged the player and a towel would be sent to him. But on Saturday she said: ‘It seems the boy from Ireland who contacted Jack on Instagram is not the right boy, and it’s actually the boy from Philadelphia.'”

Well, here he is.

Peter Woodville and Jack Sock

Sock was finally able to meet the young fan, who we now know as Peter Woodville, a 14-year-old from Philadelphia, who is over at The Championships with his parents. Tennis Identity was able to catch up with Peter late this evening in London, to find out all about it.

So, are you a big Jack Sock fan? Or did you choose that match at random?

I am a big Jack Sock fan. I queued up for 5 and a half hours and waited the better part of the day to see him play and really wanted to get a towel from him to take home.

So you worked your way down, got his attention..and….?

I asked for his towel which he tossed to me. I caught the towel and then the man in front of me tried to tug it away and we proceeded to have a bit of a tug of war until he said he had it first, which he did not, and tugged it right out of my hands.

What did that man bozo say to you? Anything?

Yes he said something along the lines of ‘I got it’ in what sounded to me as a British accent but could have very well been Australian.

He didn’t apologize or anything? And how did you eventually hook up with Sock?

Nope. He just took the towel away and left with his wife immediately probably so someone would not out him and ask him to give the towel to me. The way I eventually hooked up with Sock was I looked him up on the internet two days later to see when his next match was and saw all this news about Towelgate. I then clicked on the articles and saw it was someone from Ireland who said they were me. I made sure to post all over internet that I was the boy and that I was from Philadelphia. Then I went back to Wimbledon yesterday to see Jack play and after his match I asked him for an autograph and he recognized me as the boy who had the towel taken (he recognized my hat) and gave me a towel that he had just used from his bag and said we need to get a picture together which we did.

How much tennis do you play, and how would you rate yourself?

I started playing at a very young age, but play a few times a month now but I am a big fan of tennis and follow it closely. I now play squash which is similar to tennis. In a summer camp up in New Hampshire I finished in second place for the singles tennis tournament. I would rate myself good.

Peter, thanks for your time! How about a photo?

I am actually finishing up dinner right now (swordfish and apple tart!) But as soon as I get back I will send you a photo of me with the towel.

Peter Woodville

*Sock photo by Peter’s mom Faézé Woodville, and he said it was OK.

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