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Addicted | Munich Club Takes Tennis To The Extreme

We’re getting back to our Addicted series and first up is a look at a Munich, Germany based tennis club whose members take their love of the game to the EXTREME. This is not your usual outdoor suburban court setup with sprawling pristine courts or cavernous indoor space in a metropolitan area. This is White Club Tennis in Munich. They have apparently never met a location they didn’t like.

White Club Tennis was founded in 2015. The name White Club Tennis is a mix of Fight Club and what translates to White Sport which refers to traditional tennis whites,” said Club Co-Founder Christophe Hanke.  “We want to make tennis as accessible as possible. We don’t care if you are an average player or semi-professional or a beginner. We are 100% inclusive. Everybody is more than welcome.

We try to change the elitist, posh and expensive image of the sport that is still in some people’s heads. The original idea was a single player leisure league. Now we also love to do these off location courts as well as weekly tennis gatherings all over Germany. We reserve the courts, bring the balls and our members only have to sign in for the respective event and come around.

Below are a few of their ventures.

With Gaël Monfils on a bridge

Set a court up on a Paris bridge? Perfect place for a tweener- Gaël has certainly tried one everywhere else.

Cargo Container Tennis 

Here the club has marked off a court and put up a net in the middle of a bunch of huge shipping containers.

Snow Covered Mountain Tennis

I can’t decide if this is inspired or just plain crazy. But that’s a tennis court and that’s a snow covered mountain, and it’s gotta be 20 below. Wikipedia says “the Zugspitze, at 2,962 m above sea level, is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany.” OK, Crazy.

How about tennis on ice or inside an Olympic stadium? They’ve done that too.

The group is planning two new events in and around New York City during the Open. Happening under the name World Club Tennis, both will be on rooftops. More info to come!


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