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Nadal Slumps In The Hands Of Denis Shapovalov

Upsets are the cream of sports. Any match up where an outcome is expected before it commences is never exciting. Whether this is because of how good the players are, because of the organization of the event, or any other cause, it kills the excitement that the game brings. That is why upsets are always the greatest part of the game.

When you take a good look at the seeding or ranking of tennis players in the world, you will see the need for upsets. The entire top level players are ranked under the same umbrella. That is the reason why you may see some one ranked 150th in the game defeat someone who is ranked between 5th. This is actually one of the most interesting aspects of the game, and a similar scenario played out in this year’s Rogers Cup.

This time, it was about the tennis icon named Rafael Nadal and one of the lowly ranked players named Denis Shapovalov. In the game before quarter finals match, nobody expected an 18 year old boy to send Nadal home. But the result that we all saw after the game was something more than astonishing. The kid from Richmond Hill made his highest achievement in the world of tennis when he defeated the man with 3-6, 6-4, and 7-6 (4).

Every sportsman goes out there with some form of belief that things may go their way. But everybody who watched the game knew that the winner never had the conviction that he would win. That was why when the Canadian teenager won the match, he described it as a dream come true.

After the match that took place at Uniprix Stadium in Montreal, he couldn’t hold his joy than to drop to the ground. In amazement, he had to cover his face, as he acknowledged the deafening roar and cheer from the overwhelming crowd. The cheering from the crowd is the type you will experience in an AUS Open Club.

Another breathtaking part of this game is that the teenager had to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the third-set tiebreaker to record this victory. This made the upset a more intriguing one because many spectators have already disposed their mind for a Nadal evening while the game was on.
Speaking after the victory, the young star said that all his life while growing up, he has dreamt of the day he will play men like Murray, Nadal, Federer and others. So, for him, he achieved one of his dreams.

Through the victory, he booked a place in the quarterfinals, and played France’s Adrian Mannarino. He later got to the quarterfinals by beating Hyeon Chung 6-3, 6-3.

This marked one of the biggest upsets that has been recorded in tennis history in Canada. It is also historic because this made him the youngest to get to the quarter finals of the tournament since Bjorn Borg set that record in 1974. It also placed him as the only person to have ever gotten to the Masters Series tournament at that age. Another record he broke is that of the youngest player to have defeated a player within the top 2 ranking since 2004. This moved Shapovalov into the top 100 ranking.

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