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This Tennis Racquet Design Shop Will Amp Your Game In Colorful Style

Ever wished you could have a personalized racquet, like, say the Jack Kramer or Chris Evert Autograph (if you played back in the day) or the current RF97? Well…now you can. Check out what Wilson has rolled out! Visit the Wilson Custom Racket Shop and you can pick out a 2017 model Pro Staff, Blade or Burn model, and then customize it including different finishes, frame colors, color accents for the three and nine o’ clock positions on the hoop, and multiple options for things like decals, grommets, bumpers, logos, model names, and more.

You can even choose Wilson pro Grigor Dimitrov’s personal racket graphics. You can also add a message or name. (BTW, adding a name or message is all you can do on the RF97. Some things you just don’t mess with.)

I checked out the site and just for fun, chose the Blade 98 CV. Let’s see just how funky we can make this one. I watched a Miami Vice rerun last night. Hmmmmm. There’s an idea.

Step 1: Frame Finish

Choose from Matte, Gloss, Velvet or something called Frozen. Since I have no idea what that is, I’ll pick that one. You can choose from 18 base colors. If it were up to me, I’d go the low-profile subtle Fed look, but we’re looking to pop here, so let’s select Neon Orange. Notice there’s already some Neon on here, as that is part of the stock look. CLICK.

Frame Finish

Step 2: The 3 And 9 Decals

There are 20 colors to choose from, and I’m feelin’……the Neon Blue. CLICK.

3 And 9 Decals title=


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Step 3: Bumpers & Grommets

Four colors here, and Neon Green wins. Jack Kramer is just starting to roll over in his grave. We’re looking South Beach here! CLICK.

Bumpers And Grommets

Step 4: Logos

You have two to do here, the Wilson script, and the “Franchise” logo- the name of the line. Twenty colors to pick from. What to do…what to do. Let’s go with Wilson in Neon Blue and the Blade name in Gold. Done. CLICK.


Step 5: Grip

Not much here, just the size, 4 5/8s works, and you can choose from White or Black. White, please. CLICK.


Step 6: Personalize

You can do block letters or script, but IMO script is too fussy, so let’s do block in White (or Black or Gray.) You only get 12 characters. CLICK.


And we are finished. Drum roll please….(BTW, these take six weeks to crank out. So don’t plan on taking it to the court next week.)


Now let’s see how the pros do it! Here’s Grigor at work:

All in all the new design site is a lot of fun – and why not make your racquet uniquely your own if you are buying one of these anyway – but the changes you can make are predominantly cosmetic. Racquets are grouped in the Pro Staff, Blade or Burn categories. You still have to decide which one technically (i.e. head size, swing weight etc.) would be best for your game. Choosing a racquet is still fairly complicated in a world of hundreds of choices. – Karin

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