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Björn Borg Debuts Fashion Collection Timed With Film Biopic

Back in the day, Björn Borg cranked out his eleven Grand Slam titles in his iconic Fila outfits. (“Iconic” is an overused buzz word, but as far as tennis fashion goes, it’s right on the mark.) Now his eponymous fashion company has a collection just out to coincide with the release of the Borg/McEnroe movie on September 22.

“This collection is strongly linked to our heritage and the style icon Björn Borg himself,” said the brand. “We have also designed the clothes worn in the biopic Borg. They are, slightly different since the ones in the movie are retro altogether and our Signature collection picks retro influences and adds a contemporary twist to them. In short, they are a contemporary update on Björn’s style during his tennis career.

(The tennis legend himself has not been involved in either the movie nor this collection – his son, however, plays Borg as a youth.)

Borg McEnroe

This is the second collection this year that has pulled from Borg’s signature Fila attire.

Let’s take a look at selected items from the collection. Hover over each photo for the name of the piece. This line’s not in yet but here’s where you’ll see it. Find it: TW/USATW/Europe

Track Jacket Signature '72 Racing Red

Track Jacket Signature '72 Racing Red

Track Jacket signature '72 Racing Red

Crew Signature 85 Jet Steam with Skirt Signature '84 Black Beauty

Shorts Signature '76 Jet Stream

Tee Signature '86 Racing Red

Crew Neck '75 Signature Jet Stream

Track Jacket Signature '81 Black Beauty & Track Pants Signature '83 Black Beauty

Oh, and you can’t do the Borg look without a headband.

Signature '88 Black Beauty

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