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The Truth Is Revealed: Roger Federer Is A Sneakerhead

Up until Michael Jordan came along sneakers were merely…footwear. Oh, sure, you had the popular Tretorns and Stan Smith’s and Jack Purcells for tennis and  Chuck Taylor’s for basketball, but there was no real sneaker society. Fast forward to a time when Nike rolled out the Air Jordan line and MJ started to ring up NBA titles. A pop culture phenomenon was born. If you loved sneakers- really loved ’em and collected ’em- you were, in fact, a sneakerhead.

sneakerhead definition

There was a youngster growing up in Basel, Switzerland who took notice of MJ and his famous footwear. While the kid was focused on tennis, MJ posters lined his bedroom.


He probably never dreamed one day he’d have his own kinda/sorta Jordan shoe.

Federer and Jordan

That youngster was Roger Federer. Today, armed with his own Nike line of clothing and shoes, it can be said, Roger Federer…is a sneakerhead. You be the judge.

Watch this clip Complex put together on sneaker shopping with Roger. Federer knows his stuff and drops a cool 5 K pretty quickly (or was that just for show?). Let’s be real. Roger probably doesn’t need to pay for Nikes.

Want the shoe Roger is wearing at the US Open? Find it: TW/USATW/Europe

*Definition from Urban Dictionary. Fed/MJ shot and feature shot from video.

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