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Skapri or Skegging | 4 New Tennis Skirts with Leggings

As the temperatures drop up here in the north we are quickly turning to warmer tennis apparel. Tennis skirts with leggings (skapris or skeggings as some call them) are popular.  A skapri gives your bum and thighs coverage and looks a little more finished as compared with leggings alone. Here are a few to add to your wardrobe now. All have a ball pocket.

This one is my favorite. It’s the Eleven Women’s Core Outskirt Capri , sleek leggings with a light floaty skirt.

Elen core capris with skirt

The Wilson Fall Rush Capri Skirt comes in a pretty beet red.

Skapri Wilson

In Phorm’s Womens Twist Larissa has some fun retro stripes at the bottom of each leg. The ball pocket on this one is at the back waistline. With my long legs these stripes will sit just about where a pair of knee sock tops would.

In Phorm Capri

And finally, LIJA Women’s Pursuit Poise. White is required at some clubs and always looks fresh. This skapri could double as a skin cover (white is a best bet in the sun)  for those lucky enough to play outdoors year round.

Lija Skapri

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