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24 June 2009


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Ana looks elegant in everything, glad adidas updated her tennis wear! Btw plz enter me in the contest!

I ~L~O~V~E~ Adidas lines for as long as I can remember, and I ~L~O~V~E~ / ~L~O~V~E~ Tennis (no pun intended), and now I ~L~O~V~E~ Ana Ivanavic because she possesses the same things I LOVE so much! Ana is just so graceful and classy in her demeanor, and Adidas couldn't have found a better player to sponsor. I hope to have a chance to win this elegantly designed dress so that I can strut around the courts in both beauty and confidence like Ana. Wish me luck!

Im just so happy to see her in a dress that is flattering to her figure. the others...not so much.

Love it. Want it badly!

Anna looking elegant as usual...

beautiful dress...elegant style
to win this dress..I'd walk a mile

This dress is FAB! Absolutely would love to walk the court wearing it. The way it flows with the layers is gorgeous, especially everytime she hits the ball. Adidas has hit the spot :-D

Beautiful dress, but then again she always seems to look good in her Adidas gear.

Ana looks very beautiful and elegant in this dres.

I think I'll play a very good Tennis in this dres because she inspires me.

I hope you'll get better soon Ana!!!

Ana looks awesome! I absolutely love this dress and the way it flows! it it available to buy yet? i looked on tennis warehouse and went to the adidas store in SOHO today without luck:(

Love this dress! Simple, yet classy.

Such a pretty dress. What a shame Ana had to retire. My heart just went out to her when she left the court in tears. Hope she feels better soon.

Beautiful dress! I love the fabric they used so flowing...Oh BTW please enter me into the contest, so I can look as good as Ana :)

Ana could wear anything

What a dress. My girlfriend will love it! Even though she has gotten pretty serious and is competing well at 3.0, she still probably likes the clothes at least as much as the game!

What does it feel like to be this dress on a hanger, this vibrant pearl hanging in the closet? We all desire to feel it, it longs to be felt, and we crave to wear it.

a silhouette of white, to portray a women's body so elelegantly, broadcasting to the world the crusade mesh layers, showing brilliant style. It is our armor, for we are at war against our opponent. Adorning this on the court, we are apparatus.-Pris Guiterrez

I would very much enjoy to grace Annas beautiful garment.

Entries are now closed and our winner has been notified. Thanks for stopping by.

Russell B. Try again soon, It's coming out any day now.

Congratulations to winner Joan H. of Old Hickory, TN. Enjoy!

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