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11 January 2010


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entry for a blx racquet please :)

I want to enter the contest i want the Wilson BLK six one tour with a 90 square inch head to be my new racquet so heres my entry

entry for BLX racquet.

I would like the Six.One 95 BLX as my choice.

I want the Wilson BLK six one tour with a 90 square inch head to be my new racquet.

pro open blx.

why is henin's racquet from the "all-around" line, and not from the "player" line....

I would like to see how the Wilson Tour BLX plays, the basalt sounds intriguing!

Entry for the Wilson BLX Six.One Tour. And good luck to everyone else too.

Entry for the Wilson BLX Six.One Tour. And good luck to everyone else too.

entry for the BLX six, one tour. Racquet looks great!

This looks like a really good racquet. I hope that I win it :P

entry for BLX racquet.

My husband has been really wanting the
Six.One™ Tour BLX™! He would be thrilled to win it!

The Wilson BLX Six.One Tour looks great!

A Pro Tour BLX sounds pretty good:)

hi. I want the Wilson BLK six one 95 18x20 4 1/2 grip to be my new racquet.

The BLX Open looks very, very good to me!

Entry for Six One Tour BLX. =)

the Six One Tour BLX sounds great.

thanks. =)

Prince EXO3 Black FTW!

the BLX 6.1 TOUR

i would like to have the BLX Six One 95 18x20 in my hands.

BLX Six One tour to replace my K 6.1!!!
please, please

A BLX Six.One 95 16x18 would be terrific.

Good racquet.

six one team blx

[with open hand extended] pro open BLX please

A BLX Six.One 95 16x18 to join my stable of K Factor 6.1 95s would be great

I would like the Six.One 95 BLX

I would like the Six.One 95 BLX

The Pro Tour BLX is the one for me ...

Wilson BLX Six.One Tour! :D

Wilson BLX Six One Tour is my choice.

i would like to try out the blx tour 90, the one FEDexpress uses

Henin's BLX would be my choice.

Tour BLX for power and control

The BLX that Justine Henin uses would be my choice.

I would love to own one of those!!!

BLX Pro Tour for me. I wish they had 16x20 pattern instead of 18x20, otherwise the other specs on the BLX Pro Tour seem very interesting.

Wilson Tour BLX (Henin's Choice)

Wilson Tour BLX please

I would like the PRO TOUR BLX . Thanks!

I would like either the Justin Henin Tour BLX or the Pro Team FX BLX. Being a 56 year old 4.5 player I need a lighter racket now.
I Like the FX models for stability. Thanks.

I'd like the WIlson Tour BLX PLease!

Henin's BLX please!!!!!

Wilson Tour BLX.

Wilson Tour BLX 95 square inch head, 3/8 grip!!!!

the wilson tour BLX is a great looking frame, can nicely replce my 5.3 hammer!

Does Henin use the Wilson Tour BLX, that would be my choice. Thanks.

Pro Tour BLX. It looks awesome and would love an opportunity to see how it feels!

I would love Justin Henin's Raquet!

I would love a chance to win the Wilson BLK!

I would like the Cirrus One BLX Racquet.

tour BLX is my chioce!

Wilson Tour BLX looks great in orange and blue

Wilson Tour BLX. Allez, Justine!!!

the tour blx seems to be the most popular here, i'll give this a try!

wilson tour blx

Wilson Tour BLX

wilson tour blx is the best


I'll try Henin's Tour BLX

I would enjoy winning the Wilson Tour BLX.

Tour BLX racquet

I would like the Wilson Tour BLX

I would just love the Wilson Tour BLX.

I would like Justine Henin's raquet please!

The Tour BlX would be great!

Tour BLX

tour blx looks really great!!!!

My wife's day would be made with a Tour Blx.

wilson tour BLX please!!!

tour blx



Six One Tour BLX!

Six One Tour BLX!! :)


tour BLX

Tour BLX.

tour BLX!

tour BLX


tour BLX


Henin made it to the final, I'll take the tour BLX.

Je veux le tour BLX !!!!!!!!!





Wilson BLK six one tour 4 5/8

The Wilson Tour BLX is for me to WIN!

The Tour DLX displayed by Henin is a great raquet to bring my daughter's game to the next level.

The 2010 TOUR BLX is the one!

el tour blx por favor

Wilson Tour BLX please

I'd love to have the Wilson Tour Blx!

My son is improving his performance each day and I have no conditions to buy him a great racket like the Tour BLX. It would probably bring my son's game to the next level.

The one on the left (orange) would be my choice :-)

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