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26 September 2010


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I wonder what qualifications should be met to get such a job? It sounds like a dream!

I agree; it really does!

This is program a good become a certified Athletic trainer. I thought it would be cool to be a trainer for the ATP or at other pro tennis tournaments. Thanks if anyone knows any info!

Great write up -- as usual. But Mizz Savannah I am encxptieg something from The Williams sisters -- Serena at least. History tell us that. I don't think they'll win the title, but they will show. They are uber professional and will come to win. And they're games have still not been eclipsed by any woman on the tour. Just excited to see both of them playing.

... Though I'm often turned off by his on-court peaionrlsty, I'm loving the resurgent Andy- started over a year ago, and the media that once made Andy their darling now seems to be willfully ignoring the fact that Andy is an elite player again. Thu May 28, 03:44:00 PM======because the media does what it does best+ "notice" things EONS LATER than fans notice!!the media doesn't REPORT -- it PROMOTES -- whatever or whomever is its "darling". roflmao!!

This kind of job would be nice because you are definitely helping others which is very satisfying. Being a tennis player as well would be great because you would pick up so much good information just being around the elite players all day, so your game would improve without a doubt as well. Thanks for sharing because it was fun to read. David

Adam Tyson, ATC athletic trainer with USTA currently in Calabasas for Futures event. Trying to get cell/email for clay.

I'm sorry we can't give out that information.

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