Tennis Identity

A two handled tennis racquet? Check it out. Yup, it’s legal.

Battisone_brothers_brian_jump_serve We first spotted this racquet, the "Natural Power Grip," in Newport this summer at the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships. You can see it in action now at the Pilot Pen in New Haven. Yes it IS legal and it’s the racquet of choice for brothers Brian and Dann Battisone, ranked doubles tour players who also rep the unusual stick.

The Natural Power Grip was designed to position the hand, elbow and arm during hitting in a way that helps to reduce stress related joint injuries, allowing players to hit at various contact points, maximizing power, disguise, reach  and spin. Natural_one_2 There are four different lengths each with a 110 sq. in. head. The racquet retails for $200 USD. So far, more than twenty junior, open and professional titles have been won with this racquet — it’s beginning to get some respect in the hands of these guys. Learn more and watch the tutorials at Natural Tennis. You can also view a newsclip on them HERE.