Tennis Identity

Feet of Gold with Lotto’s Syn Vanity

Lotto Midas wore golden shoes; these are cooler. Very different for the player who likes to be. Never would have picked them off the shelf but on-court, hmmm. We decided to take a look.

What we discovered was a very light, immediately comfortable shoe with no break-in needed. They felt very low to the ground, fast with good traction. There is cushioning in the heel but not a lot of arch support so if you’ve got a high one, you may need to add an orthotic or try something else. These are the Lotto Syn Vanity Shoes, $79.95 USD. Combine them with the Lotto Women’s Vanity Tank ($36.99) and Skirt ($29.99) for the complete look below on Maria Elena Camerin. Maria_elena_camerin_5  Buy at Tennis-Warehouse or Lotto.