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Ode to Ana’s Sole; the New Limited Edition adidas Barricade V Summer Slam

Adidas_ana_ivanovic_shoe Using Ana Ivanovic as inspiration, adidas has just released a very feminine version of Ana’s footwear choice, the Barricade V. Pictured here is the new limited edition Barricade V Summer Slam. The playful graphic of Ana on the upper (it’s pearlized so not visible in the image) highlights Ana’s sophistication and graceful elegance on court; the colors reflect the outfit Ana will wear at the US Open.

The Barricade V Summer Slam includes all the performance benefits of the original Barricade V; the difference here is in the Ana inspired cosmetics: the pearlized logo (see it below), the chrome, gloss and sparkle strewn sole.The new Summer Slam retails for $120 USD and is currently only available at the NYC adidas sport performance store, tel. 212-529-0081. Ana_graphic_2