Tennis Identity

Rafa’s Olympic Shirt

Yahoo_sports_behrouz_mehri_afp_ge_2 It’s a new version of the same Rafa sleeveless but this one, seen here on the man at the Olympics, does not appear to be available to those not ranked in tennis’ top echelons. The closest we can find to it is the Nike Dri FIT Power Sleeveless Men’s Tennis Shirt in Cornet Red, MSRP $55 USD or the Fall Dri Fit Power Crew (in cornet red with del sol yellow accents) that is actually even more similar — only it has short sleeves and (like the sleeveless) no back graphic. A similar headband is offered as the Nike Pro Bandana in cornet red with del sol yellow, MSRP $12 USD. Guess we can’t wear the emperor’s new clothes this time around but we can get close.

The items noted above are available now at Tennis-Warehouse or Nike.

Image from Yahoo Sports! Credit: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images