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New Women’s Line from Oakley. Great Choice for On Court Sun Protection.

Us_open_08_practice_courts_003_2 Samantha Stosur is one of the few pros who wears sun-glasses while playing. Why is that? Out on the recreational courts we see them all the time. Many might feel that sunglasses impede their vision in some way; give these a try.

Sam wears Oakley's "Enduring"  style, the company's new women's sport performance line (available in mid September). Oakley frames stay put and don't fog up. Enduring offers all-important transition lenses with photo chromic technology that darken and lighten automatically when light changes, like when the sun slips behind a cloud and then shoots back out 5 minutes later. Enduring also comes with or without an iridium coating (which helps to reduce glare and tune contrast, ideal for extremely bright, sunny conditions). 100% UV protection. The frame pictured here is lipstick red (they look a bit orange in the pic). Prices range between MSRP $225 USD without the iridium lenses and $245 with it. Go to Oakley to learn more. Here are more  specifics on the Enduring.