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Sigg Leads the Way in Holding Hydration On Court

Sigg_2 Leave it to the Europeans to have the answer to the recycling and BPA worries associated with plastic or polycarbonate water bottles. Made of aluminum that is resistant to fruit acids and isotonic energy drinks, Sigg bottles are washable, refillable and recyclable (although they last a darn long time). Another benefit, they are taste-neutral so they don’t lend your refreshment that plastic taste that real cheap bottles do.

There are cleaning tablets and a bottle brush available from Sigg but we found a baby bottle brush and a little liquid detergent worked just fine. The mouth is narrow so easy to drink from, but a bit challenging to get powdered drink mixes into without a funnel. We like the variety of colors and sizes and love not worrying about plastic. Check out Sigg’s site for a list of retailers. US customers there is a link just for you. These run around $27 USD for the larger size.