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Tennisidentity Gear Review: Groove Your Ground Strokes and Volleys with the WristAssist

Brad_gilbert The WristAssist lived up to Brad Gilbert’s billing. Both our teaching pros and players agreed it was an effective tool in learning proper wrist positioning when hitting ground strokes and volleys.

After a few awkward tries, our hits felt solid and we could feel the motion that the device strives to communicate. At net the WristAssist will not allow you to drop your wrist, a common problem for recreational players. The company suggests wearing the WristAssist frequently in the beginning, grooving different kinds of shots until you feel the positioning and stroke naturally in order to replicate it on your own; they call it brain training. This is not a one and done; it is a training device that seems quite effective.

The WristAssist is quick and easy to put on. It is made of comfortable, quality materials that maintain an adjustable hold. The device doesn’t give in to tension so the hit you get is the same one, time after time.  Learn more or buy at Square Hit Tennis. Retail price is $69.95 USD.