Tennis Identity

Unique Style That Puts “You” In Your Game.



Tennis bloggers are buzzing about possible pro defections from camp adidas because of what is being dubbed as less-than inspired fashion. Truly the clothes haven't been bad, just repetitive.  Hey, the girls want to express themselves. Way boring wearing the same thing week after week.

In the spirit of different we're offering up a sampling of some of the most unique tennis tops on the market at the moment. Designers have been hard at work making sure your on-court experience is nothing but fun, at least in the fashion department. Coordinating pieces are available for each top shown. From left to right: Jerdog Sling Tank ($36.99 USD) , LBH Katmandu Tank ($41.99 ), Peachy Tan North Shore V Tank ($42.99), Bolle Ocean View Doubles Tank ($39.99) and LeJay Domino Effect Mandarin Tank ($35.99) . Check 'em all out at Tennis-Warehouse. Express yourselves girls! No one's telling us what to wear.