Tennis Identity

Sika. By night the stage. By day, the court.


First in a series highlighting unique identities for whom tennis is a necessity.

These players quite literally rock. On stage or on court they are passionate about playing big. Their idie-rock style is influenced by such groups as Radiohead, Muse and Sigur Ros, but infused with a sound distinctly their own.

Based in Twin Cities, Minnesota, three of this rising four man band, Sika, play tennis avidly, both professionally and recreationally. All three attribute much of their success in music to principles they learned training on court. “Music and tennis have interesting parallels,” says Nate McLain, guitarist.  “Discipline, commitment and perserverence have proven to be the keys to success.”

Check out their credentials:

Aleksey Zharinov – Lead singer, bass player. 19 years on court; Tennis coach; Aggressive baseliner; Weapon-forehand; Favorite Surface-clay; Game-singles; Stick-Dunlop Aerogel 300; Court Style-trendy; Tennis Accolades- #1 Adult Open, Northern Section, 2002 and 2005; Played on the pro tour; Tennis thanks-to my Dad.

Nate McLain – Guitar, back vocals. On court since age 14; All-courter; Weapons-serve, backhand and footwork; Favorite Surface-just let me play; Stick-Dunlop Aerogel 300; Court Style-all black, all the time; Tennis Accolades-Owns and runs the McLain Tennis Academy in Minnesota, #1 in singles Men’s Open, Northern Section, 2006 and 2007; Played on the pro tour; Tennis thanks-to the kids I teach for keeping me sharp.

David Crevier – Drums and vocals. Playing only 4 years now but a solid 4.5; Tennis coach; Strong baseliner; Weapon-Forehand; Favorite Surface-either; Stick-Wilson K Factor Tour 90; Court Style-Unpredictable but etiquette; Tennis Accolades-2008 Northern Sectional Champ; Tennis thanks-to Aleksey and Nate.

John Torgerson – keyboard, vocals and sound tech. Unconverted, so far…


Top image: Sika band members, from left to right, David Crevier, Nate McClain, John Torgerson, Aleksey Zharinov. Bottom image: on court, left to right. David, Aleksey and Nate.

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  1. Hi Nate I was at Peninsula tennis today in San Diego (Ocean Beach). The pro asked me if I knew you after I told him I was from Minnesota! When I told him I did he was surprised. Hope all is well. Call me when you come back in the spring!

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