Tennis Identity

This Is It. The Weapon of Choice Among Ranked Seniors.

Weed Talk about sweet spots! This racquet has the largest allowable headsize in tennis, 135 square inches (compare with more standard 100 sq. in.). It is hugely popular among seniors, 65s. 70s and 75s, both men and women, who enjoy the benefits of the larger than usual hitting area. It’s called The Weed and ranked senior players who use this brand stick include Jim Nelson of California who has earned 98 USTA golden balls and George McCabe of Ohio, an International 75’s doubles champion.

The Weed is lightweight and comes in six colors and a variety of lengths, 27" to 28 1/2" (to increase reach). The EXT is their bestselling model, $228 USD strung and shipped. The manufacturer recommends calling them prior to purchasing so that they can guide you to the racquet that will suit your game and level. Go to Weed USA to learn more or call 1-800-WEED-RKT.