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Are You Addicted…to Tennis? Tell us About it.

We’re looking for you, the avid recreational tennis nut jonesing to play just about all the time. You’re not a pro but you’d be pretty happy spending every day on-court.

Drop us a note and tell us why we should profile you and your game on, Addicted. Tell us why, where and how much you play. What’s your stick and style? Flair it up.

One paragraph is all we need to start. If we choose to profile you, we’ll be in touch.

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One thought on “Are You Addicted…to Tennis? Tell us About it.”

  1. My name is Bernard Smith IV. I am an African American from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tennis is one of the main motivating forces that gets me going in the morning. I am a tennis instructor. I still play high level tennis but a knee injury keeps me humble. I started tennis when I was in the 8th grade. I fell in love with the sport when I saw the kids at the club in their Fila and adidas clothing. This was 1980 when the racquet revolution began. The Wilson Ultra, Prince Classic and Head Professional were the top racquets. Then I met Luke and Murphy Jensen. Luke was 6’0 and built like an NFL football player. He could serve as a 17 year old with either hand 130 mph. Murphy had the best two handed backhand that I have ever seen. They made tennis feel like I was at football practice. I loved it. I was a mediocre player trying to play at their level. Needless to say, just trying to keep up with them my game improved dramatically. Tennis put me in environments that I never knew existed. I was one of the first black professionals to work at the Montauk Yacht Club. This past summer I was the first black professinal at Cascade Hills Country Club in Grand Rapids. My dad was a caddy at Cascade. That’s only a glimpse of what tennis has done for me. I love tennis.

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