Tennis Identity

Lacoste for Women Who Court the Court.

Lacoste Nathalie DechyFinally, some of Lacoste's pro tennis wear available, but only some. Pictured left, Nathalie Dechy wears the slimming Racerback V-neck Tennis Tank Top in bright white seamless stretch jersey, $72 USD. Also available is the Short -Sleeved Stretch Pique Collar Blocked Sport Polo $82 (not shown). We've seen both tops on Alize Cornet and Emilie Loit as well. Love them. A version of the Pique Baseball Cap is actually on sale at the moment, $16.99.

The orange skirt, visor and wrist-bands are not available, sorry. The top on Alize, below, is not available either. No whining, let's just be happy with what they have offered up for now. To our friends in France, keep it coming! We want it all. Buy at LACOSTE.

Lacoste Alize Cornet

Images: Gianni Ciaccia