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United Arab Emirates Changes Position and Allows Israeli Andy Ram to Play in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates has agreed to allow Israeli player Andy Ram to play this week in Dubai, changing its policy and allowing Israeli athletes to enter and compete in the UAE.  Larry Scott, Chairman and CEO of the Sony Ericsson WTA commented, "We welcome the change of the UAE policy…which clarifies that all Israeli athletes will be able to compete in future tournaments in UAE."

Scott continued, "Shahar Peer is owed all of our thanks for her courage in challenging an unjust policy and for forcing action to be taken that resulted in today’s announcement.  We thank all of the many organizations and individuals that rallied behind Shahar and pressed the UAE to change their discriminatory stance. It is deeply regrettable that Shahar had to suffer the negative consequences of the UAE decision this past week in order for this policy to get turned around for the benefit of others.  What happened to Shahar last week was discriminatory, reprehensible and unacceptable, and the Tour will shortly be determining remedies for her, penalties to be imposed on the tournament, and the additional assurances we will require to guarantee all Israeli athletes entry to the UAE so that future tournaments in the UAE may take place."

Once again, enough said. Positive steps forward. Let's hope that the crowd behaves at the tournament.