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HEAD introduces the new YOUTEK Radical Series. On Deck, Andy Murray.

HEAD_YOUTEK_RADICAL_PRO Radical changes are in hand for one of the world's best selling racquet frames as HEAD launches its YOUTEK™ Radical Series, one of which Andy Murray plans to switch to in the coming days.

 The YOUTEK Radical Series uses the same YOUTEK technology as  the Speed Series stick that Novak Djokovic plays with; both lines include d3oTM and grommets with Teflon reducing polymer to reduce friction during hits. YOUTEK is a "smart material" technology that allows the racquet to respond to the specific kind of shot you are hitting,

The differences between the two lines? The new YOUTEK Radical Series offers a combination of power and control for the more classic player. It is not as stiff or heavy as the Speed Series which has a thinner beam and is more of a power choice for heavy hitters.

The three new YOUTEK Radicals include: the YOUTEK Radical Pro (Andy Murray's choice) $210 USD (pictured), the YOUTEK Radical MP/OS a mid-plus and oversized head version, both $210; and the YOUTEK Radical Lite, $200, a super light feeling racquet that makes manuverability a breeze.

New bags for the series are pictured. There are four bags ranging from the 2 racquet backpack, $50 to the 10 racquet Supercombi, $70. All except the backpack offer protection from extreme temperatures.

The HEAD Tour Team bags (orange in color) actually match the new racquet better so if you are a package look lover, that's the bag you want for this stick.

Visit HEAD for more information. Tennis-Warehouse has a demo program so you can play before you buy.
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