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Game. Set. NYC. The Women of Nike: Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka and Na Li U.S. Open Style Report.

Serena Williams US Open 2009 Nike Serena Williams stepped out in her U.S. Open 2009 style at Nike's Game. Set. NYC. yesterday. Pictured left she wears her magenta Nike Sphere React Cool Athlete/NYC Day Dress, $100. The ensemble includes a glossy black bowling bag emblazoned with pink NIKE lettering and color coordinated shoes, the Nike Air Max Mirabella, $82. 

Her night dress is a color reversed version of the same, black with magenta ruffle. Her dress was inspired by cocktail party attire with soft pleating at the neckline and a starburst pin tuck detail at the back. I didn't get a chance to ask her but I'm sure the jewelry is from her new HSN line, Signature Statement. Serena_Shoe_US Open 2009

We were also surprised by visits from Victoria Azarenka and Na Li who demonstrated a pre-match warm up to the crowd wearing some of Nike's newest lines.

Victoria Azarenka Nike NYC US Open Azarenka wore the taxi cab yellow that Nadal  plans to wear as well. This top is not currently available. There are other versions in the same yellow. The skirt is the women's fall trend woven skort, $55 in black. Flat jeans-like pockets on the back make this look like a all-around skort, not one just for tennis.

Na Li Nike NYC US Open bLi wore the looser than usual Dri-FIT Fall Women's Athlete Tank, $60 in China Rose and Athlete Women's Skort in black, $60. Check out the cute pleat window at the back of the skort.

Finally last but certainly not least, the lovely, Maria Sharapova, whose face adorned the fence both in and outside the city street tennis court…was absent. Only a glass case filled with her day and night styles called attention to her upcoming looks. Perhaps there was no use promoting her new styles since none of them will be available at retail. That me'thinks is a shame because I really loved most of it. The over-adorned dancing prairie maiden is gone. Enter a fashionable New Yorker. Maria is going to look beautiful. Soft pink with asymmetrical lines in electric yellow for day and deep navy with silver for night. Silver accents in the jacket and headband.

Sharapova's Day Ensemble Sharapova's Night Ensemble

Maria Sharapova US Open Day Dress Maria Sharapova US Open Night Dress Nike

Find the looks at Nike and Tennis-Warehouse.

Images: Karin Burgess