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Y All the Tape?

Sara Errani of Italy, WTA player Athletic tape has moved on-court having graduated from simply providing support for muscles and joints (like the trusty ankle wrap) to offering support with mobility, pain relief and potential for recovery.

Here's why players are using it:The new tape works by lifting the skin and relieving pressure on pain transmitters.  You've likely seen the Y shape tape jobs on many pros. Pictured here WTA player Sara Errani of Italy preps to warm-up at the Pilot Pen in New Haven.

The tape is not just for the elite. New to the market, see below, KT Elastic Athletic Tape. KTTape_BoxRoll_Blue

The KT stands for Kinesiology Therapeutic. It provides relief for tennis elbow, shin splints, sprains, and general back and shoulder pain allowing players to remain active while dealing with nagging pain.

There are extensive directions provided within each 20 strip package as well as online how-to videos on the company's site. Be your own trainer or ask a friend for help. Each tape job provides 24-hour relief and lasts for five days. It's waterproof in the shower. Pre-cut colors: blue, black, beige, black and pink. MSRP $12.99

That said, it's advisable to consult a doctor to be sure your injury isn't something that needs more than tape. Athletic tape will keep pain at bay and allow comfortable movement but will not heal a torn ACL for example.

Learn more or find a retailer at KT Tape.