Tennis Identity

Andy Roddick. His U.S. Open Ready Style from Lacoste.

Andy Roddick US Open 2009 Lacoste by Ron AngleIt's a nice one. Andy Roddick's newest look combines the Lacoste Short Sleeve Printed Check Super Dry Polo, $95 in eclipse blue and the like-color Diamante Drawstring Short, $85 ($49.99 online sale). The shirt is all lightweight, all performance fabric, a totally different feel than traditional Lacoste shirts — touches of kelly green and white add pop. Wonder if Roddick went a size smaller he'd stop tugging at his shoulders but at this point it's probably ritual along with the quick cap adjust.

The Men's Trucker Cap retails for $55  (now $32.99 online). The mesh top is great for keeping the head ventilated — a much cooler option than a closed weave fabric.

Andy's racquet? The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, ($189 USD unstrung) and his shoes? The Babolat Propulse 2, $109. ASO ankle braces, ($34.99 each) on both feet. This editor swears by them too.

Find Roddick's look and gear at Lacoste and Tennis-Warehouse. The Lacoste items are also available at the Lacoste shop at the U.S. Open.

Image: Ron Angle