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Cheers to the Red, White and Blue. Stand-Out Ralph Lauren Tennis at the US Open.

Polo Ralph Lauren Ball Person shirt- Front Polo Ralph Lauren Ball Person - Back

Ralph Lauren tennis fashion is omnipresent at the Open, starting with the smiling folks you meet at the gates. Pictured above are the ball boy ($140 USD)  and ball girl shirts ($120) that dot every match. The back has a sewn-on "big pony" patch. The fabric is a microfiber/cotton blend for breathability.  I personally like this ball shirt better than the signature US Open Polo some reps were wearing. There's a lot going on here so keep your bottom choice simple.

Ralph Lauren is not a line I see a lot of on-court in competitive travels and I don't see it on any tour pros (at least not on court) BUT judging from the packed-in well-heeled crowd at the US Open shop last night, it's mighty popular. The tennis lines are as-to-be-expected classically beautiful but just a little too pricey for this editor to get sweaty in. Ralph Lauren does tennis the way they do everything else. Keep it simple and you will look class-full and fashionable in a timeless country club way. Everything is top quality.

Ralph Lauren Tennis Cricket Sweater My picks from the shop: For women, the pure white US Open Tennis Skirt, $85, a finely pleated performance skort that would look totally cute with any of the RL polos; the navy US Open ball girl jacket, $145; and a silver v-neck sweater, whoa, so nice (I didn't get the price and it's not available online). The US Open Cricket Sweater, left, is yummy too, $198.  For men: the US Open Slim Custom-Fit Polo, $98; and the white US Open Full-Zip Fleece jacket, $145.

Find it all online under at Ralph Lauren or at the U.S. Open in the shop or interactive kiosks.

2 thoughts on “Cheers to the Red, White and Blue. Stand-Out Ralph Lauren Tennis at the US Open.”

  1. would appreciate if you could help I would love to purchase the ladies us open cricket sweater above if you could give an address or shop location. thank you. Breda Hamilton Ireland

  2. Hi Breda. That sweater is beautiful but it is from Ralph Lauren’s 2009 US Open collection and is likely no longer available. I’ll be posting new RL tennis for 2012 soon. Perhaps they will do a similar sweater again this year.

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