Tennis Identity

Keep those pricey tennis duds smiling with WIN Green. Mother Earth too.

WIN Green BottleWith all of the tennis gear running through wash after wash in this house I am thankful for WIN. Given the amount of money I spend on sports apparel it's nice to have things last more than one season and even through multiple kids. The problem is not so much getting things clean but getting them "unstinky" — sports fabric is notorious for holding onto odor. A few manufacturers are currently combating this with antibacterial fabrics, but not all.

I reviewed the original formula last year but the company now offers WIN Green a new concoction that maintains the same level of efficacy as the original while being completely biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, dye and fragrance-free. I like all that. $6.99 for 21 oz that does 14 loads. My only gripe is that you can't find WIN in the grocery store AND that it comes in such a small bottle. I need one of those jugs with a spigot.

 You can order WIN Green online at Tennis-Warehouse sells the original formula.