Tennis Identity

Nike spark reignites Rafa’s game in China.

Nike Winter Bold Polo Green Spark Nike Winter Woven Long Short

Nike Air Court Ballistic 1.3 Navy and Green Nike Dri Fit Head tie

Rafael Nadal made a successful return to the court earlier this week with a first round win at the China Open. Always true to color infused style, he wore the Nike Men's Winter Bold Master Polo $60 USD (same style and design as at the US Open) in Green Spark and the Men's Winter Woven Long Short, $55 in Obsidian Navy and White, a very loose and baggy fit short; 23" length to knee, zip and velcro closure.

On his feet, the Nike air max court ballistic 1.3 $120 with green (the NYC worn yellow versions are already on sale). The exact shoe Nadal is wearing in China appears to be custom (or available overseas) BUT a cool version of it is currently at retail, see above. The white headband with the green swoosh isn't out yet either but keep an eye out. I'm sure it will hit shortly. The black and white versions look a little less "package" anyway. I'd go with those to avoid looking like a total wanna be.

Find the look at Nike and Tennis-Warehouse.