Tennis Identity Moves into New England. to Provide Tennis Apparel and Gear Content for National Roll-Out.

MyTennisNetwork has announced its move into the New England region in a next step towards providing organizational resources to competitive junior tennis players across the United States. The site has chosen as its apparel and gear content provider.

Tennis Tournament play 1 is a subscription-based website dedicated to the organization and development of all aspects of junior tennis in America including tournaments, player development and funding. Now in addition to the U.S.T.A.'s Tennislink, the thousands of U.S.T.A. registered junior players age 10-18 have MyTennisNetwork to help organize their U.S.T.A. tournament schedules.

MyTennisNetwork launched in early 2009 and has been operating in the entire Southern Section of the U.S. for a year. It moves today into New England in a next step towards a 2010 national roll-out.

Junior players (and parents of) rejoice! MyTennisNetwork streamlines the organizational side of the game by offering advanced USTA tournament search, email and mobile phone reminders about sign up closings and weather delays, up to date consolidated ranking lists, and a personal tournament planning calendar. Junior players now have access to USTA tournament details, auto fill medical release forms, maps, directions, shopping, restaurant, camp/academy directories, and special travel deals all in one place.

"The site has been very well received by tennis families who have been overwhelmed by tournament planning, especially those with multiple tennis playing children," says Louise Fahys, founder of MyTennisNetwork and mother of three young competitors. Site users can also access player profiles and links to photography and videos that have been taken at tournaments.

Tennis tournament play My Tennis Network's alliance with allows the busy junior competitor the chance to check out what’s abuzz on tennis courts around the world. Tournament juniors are juggling school, privates, practice, travel, tournaments and social time. Although hungry tennis consumers they have little time to source gear outside of their immediate tennis circle. If their pro has a contract with a racquet manufacturer, for example, they might not be encouraged to try other brands. The easy access of the Tennisidentity feed through the MyTennisNetwork site will enable these aspiring players to see the range of products and styles available from all brands and manufacturers while they plan their tournament schedules.

I personally have found planning and signing up for junior tournaments an onerous task and have been excited about the help MyTennisNetwork offers. My favorite aspects of the new service? The online calendar and email reminders. No more 11:45 pm sign ups for me. Now if only someone could do the traveling too.

Visit MyTennisNetwork to learn more. A subscription is $50 a year or $4.99 a month. A free account allows access to portions of the site.

Junior players/parents in the following states can now access U.S.T.A. tournament info through MyTennisNetwork: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. At this time players in other states can visit the site but cannot  plan tournaments in their region.  I'll keep you posted as the network rolls-out. It'll be soon!