Tennis Identity

Muscle love. Products that Give it.

BioFreezeThose hard working muscles occasionally need a little TLC. Here are a couple of products that give it:

Biofreeze recently released its ILEX (from the South American holly shrub) infused topical pain reliever in a great hands-free applicator which ensures exact application on sore spots without dealing with runny blobs. It's so easy you could rub it on during a changeover to dull problem aches and pains. $12.00 for a 3 oz tube on amazon. The product also comes in a standard squeeze tube and as a spray. It works really quickly. I've reached for my sample packs (freebies at a tournament) more than a few times for my problem back.

Ole Henrikson Muscle Comfort SoakAfter a hard match, give your muscles and mind a rest in a steaming hot tub filled with Ole Henrikson's muscle comfort soak. A bath infused with this all natural home spa treatment soothes body aches and fatigue and gives your spirits a soothing boost; I am a big believer in aromatherapy and do like the heady scent this gives off. It is not floral so its good for both guys and gals. The mix contains eucalyptus, rosemary, algae extract, juniper berry. Manganese sulfate helps you get clean. $48 for 24 oz. Available at Sephora and OleHenriksen.