Tennis Identity

Products that Fuel a Young Kid’s Passion for Tennis.

So you want your kids to love the game as much as you do? Here are a few products that will get your kid cruising on court:

Bring Your Racquet Just released, Bring Your Racquet: Tennis Basics for Kids, by Steven White, is an easy to understand read that illustrates the game's basics in terms the average young player can completely understand.  White is a professional tennis instructor and former satellite tour player who has a knack for explaining the game without being overly technical. The illustrations are contemporary, not unlike the "Prince of Tennis" series and add a fun, modern flair to the book. 

Certainly there is no substitute for getting on court and hitting balls but as we adults know you really can't study the game too much and having a categorized book to reference/remind is a good thing. You might even want to breeze through it yourself from time to time. Recommended for age 8 and up. Bring Your Racquet retails for $14.00.

USTA Tennis SkillasticsI've talked about QuickStart tennis before, but want to mention it again as this game is growing like mad nationwide and you can get a kit to play at home, on your driveway or local town court — really anywhere you have a hard surface. QuickStart has recently been incorporated into Tennis Skillastics, a new program offered by Skillastics that helps schools to introduce tennis in schools without the need of official sized courts. 

If your kid gets frustrated hitting regular balls on a court, watch them smile after trying Quickstart or as mine call it, "mini tennis." It will grow their confidence and big court game as well. Here are a couple of links to get the mini Net and balls you need. The racquets they are using already are fine.

Gracie Tennis Girl form Go! Go! Sports Girls For the little girl in your life, encourage tennis with Go! Go! Sports Girl Gracie who loves the game of tennis. Gracie is a soft 16" tall, quality doll with tennis accessories and a surprise tummy "tattoo" that says Dream Big Ace It. $19.99. Get Gracie for your little tennis girl.

US Open Tennis Coloring & Activity Book Keep small hands busy and thinking about the game with the US Open Tennis Coloring & Activity Book by Kristin Vaughn and Peg Connery-Boyd, $10.16. This came out last year but still features some of the best – most recognizable - tennis players in the world. Find it HERE.

Adidas boys summer edge polo You can also find what I call mini-me tennis attire, junior sized versions of the looks the pros are wearing. adidas makes Ana Ivanovic's spring adilibria dress $42, or Fernando Verdasco's summer edge polo, $34 (pictured left).