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HEAD introduces Youtek Star Racquet line.

Play doubles with Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf in Las Vegas HEAD has recently introduced its new YOUTEK Star Series, a range of racquets designed to meet the more recreational player's needs, primarily, power, control and comfort.  Both Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf have been active in the creation of the new line and are offering up some doubles action with them in Vegas baby should you win. Click HERE for the contest info. 

“After playing with HEAD racquets for over 16 years…it was great to be able to work with [them] to develop a racquet series that will help players improve their games, said Agassi. There are three racquets in the new line up:

HEAD Youtek Three StarThe YOUTEK™ Three Star – (black) The base ultra lightweight model that features d3o™ which adapts to your individual shots and Inner QuadFace for more power. The Youtek Three Star is great for players who don't use a full swing to hit the ball. The oversized head (115 sq. in.) is forgiving of off center hits, $180 USD

HEAD Youtek Five StarThe YOUTEK™ Five Star – (white) Also for players with shorter more compact swing styles,  the Youtek Five Star includes d3o,™ Inner QuadFace and Outer QuadFace for maximum power, 2 part Control Ring at 10 & 2 o’clock for more control, and MultiZone Grip™ for maximum comfort. Headsize 107 sq. in, $225.

HEAD Youtek Six StarThe YOUTEK™ Six Star – (blue) The flagship of the line which includes d3o,™ Inner QuadFace and Outer QuadFace for maximum power, 4 Part Control Ring for maximum control, and MultiZone Grip™ for maximum comfort.  The Youtek Six Star is perfect for intermediate players with shorter more compact swing styles. Headsize 107 sq. in., $250.

Another feature of all three racquets is the MultiZone Grip™ which is a one piece slide on grip that offers greater comfort and control during play.  It has special sweat channels and different non-slip surfaces for maximum feel.

It's tough to pick a racquet and manufacturer -speak is not always so helpful. As with any raquet purchase try them out before you buy, but do try. Any intermediate who has been playing with the same racquet for "I don't know how many years" —  I know you're out there, try something new. You might find the new technology confidence boosting/game changing for you.

Find a retailer at HEAD or test drive and buy at Tennis-Warehouse.

If you are super curious, here are all the techie deets on the Star Series technology:

d3o™ is able to sense the needs of the player during different shots, providing more power on aggressive shots and more precision on touch shots.  QuadFace extends the stringbed at key points of the frame providing longer strings and an enlarged sweetspot resulting in maximum power.  QuadFace can include Inner QuadFace, allowing the strings to be more flexible before reaching the grommets for a more forgiving sweetspot, and Outer QuadFace which extends the outside of the frame to allow the strings to be longer for a larger sweetspot.  Another YOUTEK™ feature is the Control Ring which helps reduce string deformation for added control.  It is available in a 2 piece Control Ring at the ten and two o’clock locations for excellent control and is available in a 4 piece Control Ring adding the four and eight o’clock positions for maximum control.

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  1. I think the “Control Ring” is a bit of a gimmick, if it is so great in control then you would see it in a players racket.

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