Tennis Identity

What WOULD Borg, Ashe or Evert do?

T-shirts 003 It takes the mind of a champion to win a major and so with homage to those that have so successfully played before us I give you some inspiration. Everything old is new again with these practice tees.

So you’re down a set and two games. What Would Borg Do (W.W.B.D.)? What was it that took the guy to the US Open finals four times? Own the tee and those of other top ballers from online seller OldSchoolTennis, $26.99

U.S. Open 1978. Chris Evert defeated Pam Shriver and Jimmy Connors defeated Bjorn Borg for the trophies. Great tennis year. Hate to think that ’78 is vintage but it is, at least in the fashion world.”

The tee (above left) is one of the Sportique US Open Collection inspired by US Open programs and television coverage from the late 70s to the early 80s. I’ve seen Sportique US Open tees on athletes (Isner), on-air news correspondents and fans in New York, $32 for t-shirts and $66 for hoodies. The collection can be found at Arthur Ashe Stadium. select Bloomingdales stores and online at USOpenShop