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Cheap Tennis Fix under $20. ElastoCross by Babolat

Babolat Elasto Cross No this is not a new product but it's first in a new series looking at cheap tennis fixes (under $20). Babolat's ElastoCross is a great fix for anyone who breaks strings a lot. Online a dispenser runs $5.99 and I know pros who say this stuff lives up to its advertised "50% more string durability" billing. That's good savings.

String protectors are an easy way to extend the life of your tennis strings. They reduce the friction that the rubbing of crosses and mains causes. Most people who use them swear by this particular brand because it's easy to use and works well.

According to Roman Prokes at RPNY in New York, the use of polyester strings has reduced the number of people using string protectors (Pete Sampras was a regular user) but, if you are a string breaker putting these on when your strings look a little worn can earn you extra games on a string job.

According to Prokes, ElastoCross will make a newly strung racquet feel tight. He suggests putting them on your racquet's sweetspot once your racquet has been used a while. If you play with natural gut you can preload with these for longevity.

$5.99 at Tennis Warehouse.