Tennis Identity

Play me if you dare.

DTL Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Top SkullA skull and crossbones portends danger. How about a skull and crossed racquets? Fun for those close-to-Hallows-Eve games (or whenever you’re feeling edgy), take a look at dTL’s new scoop neck cap sleeve top adorned with black wings, skull and…rhinestone adorned racquets, the perfect foil for the graphic, $48 at DTL Down The Line Sportswear — all performance too.

Check out the matching skort with the same graphic on the rear, $60.

You can find much of dTL’s Bad to the Bone line which is also ornamented with skull and racquets at Tennis-Warehouse. I love the goth feel to the new pieces though.

I’m wearing a black skort and tennis shoes with this one.


One thought on “Play me if you dare.”

  1. I love DownTheLine stuff – very fun. And this is the perfect tee to wear for Halloween or anytime you want to appear bad ass on court. You just need to have the game to back it up!

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