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Dunlop Releases its 2011 Biomimetic Range of Tennis Racquets. Technology inspired by nature.

Dunlop Biometric Jurgen Melzer Biomimetics is the study of the structure of nature as model for the design and engineering of products. It is the newest concept over at Dunlop Sport. The company has incorporated some of  nature's most highly optimised and efficient characteristics and incorporated them in performance tennis racquets. The result?  3 brand new biomimetric racquet technologies – Aeroskin, Gecko-Tap and HM6 Carbon.

Aeroskin technology is inspired by sharkskin. A shark’s skin is covered in microscopic riblets which create localised turbulence reducing drag. The Aeroskin technology is applied to the surface of the racket, reducing aerodynamic drag by up to 25% (according to Dunlop). The reduction in drag enhances both racket speak and power.

Gecko-Tac technology is inspired by the feet of a Gecko.  The Gecko-Tac grip provides up to 50% more grip and tack than previous Dunlop grips, giving players greater feel and precision with their racket.

HM6 Carbon technology is inspired by a bee's honeycomb. The honeycomb design structure provides extreme strength and incredible lightness, as well as reduces racket vibration. With what they say is a 10% reduction in vibration, this results is energy control and feel.

Dunlop Dominika Cibulkova The racquet line includes the following sticks:

Biomimetic 200 Plus (Nikolay Davydenko will use); Biomimetic 300 (Fernando Verdasco); Biomimetic 300Tour (Jurgen Melzer, pictured above); Biomimetic 600 (Tommy Robredo); and Biomimetic 600 Lite (Dominika Cibulkova, pictured below). The 600 Lite has a 105 sq in head; it is surprising to me that a pro would play with such a big head. US price ranges on the line, $159.00 – $179.00. Here are the specs.

 “We are incredibly proud of the new technologies used in the Biomimetic range," said Ben Fell, Head of Marketing & Communications for Dunlop. "We believe that the new range goes beyond anything done before in the industry. We’ve had fantastic feedback from our sponsored players, and are looking forward to seeing the results of the improved rackets out on the court.”

 Learn more at Dunlop or test drive and buy at Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide.Pre-orders are being taken now. Delivery is expected mid November.

Illustrations are two of Dunlop's most recent advertisements. I like. Different.