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Roger This. 1 Slam, 1 Championship, 1 masters, 1 500 and 1 250 in 1 year.

Wilson_Federer World Finals In addition to winning the ATP World Tour Finals for the 5th year in a row, Roger Federer has achieved one Slam, one Championship, one Masters, one 500 and one 250 tournament in 2010. Post U.S. Open, Federer's record is an impressive 21-2.

Federer grabbed this, his career 66th title with his trusty Wilson Six.One Tour BLX racquet in hand.

His shirt is the Nike Men's Winter Victory Masters Polo in Challenge Red (it also comes in a more subdued purple color called daybreak), $80 USD. You're paying for the mojo that is inherent in the RF on the sleeve.

Not happy you took down my sweet Rafa, Roger but congrats.

The jacket Rog wore to and from the court is the Winter Victory, $120 in a very handsome anthracite. I liked.

One sec; let's not take away from Rafa's year here, a successful and historic sweep of all three clay court ATP World Tour Masters1000 events and three Grand Slam titles; not shabby, not at all.

 Find the racquet and apparel at Tennis-Warehouse. Keep in mind Fed wannabes this racquet is best for those NTRP 5.0 and up. Take a look at the other Six.One sticks in the group. Same cosmetic, maybe a better fit for your game?