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Wilson Tennis introduces 4 new racquet strings for 2011.

Taking into account the varied playing styles of today’s game, Wilson has just introduced four unique new string offerings for 2011:

Wilson_Shock_Shield_String For players with arm discomfort (like tennis elbow), new Shock Shield string has a gel filled core which helps reduce shock and vibration. The construction eases tension for comfort and control. The string works in combination with the new Shock Shield Hybrid grip, as well as Shock Shield vibration dampener, made with IsoZorb Gel for maximum comfort.

Wilson_Red_Alert_String For those looking for a durable synthetic gut, Red Alert is Wilson's newest offering. With a slightly textured surface, Red Alert provides increased bite and the high molecular weight nylon coating creates durability more than 2 times the comparable synthetic gut string. The company says that the triangular shaped monofilament wraps create a crisp feel on every shot.

Wilson_NXT_Control_String The newest member of the NXT family, NXT Control combines polyester and nylon fiber bundles with polyurethane. The polyester fibers offer control while the nylon fiber provides power.  Polyurethane bonds the fibers together and offers the shock absorption and comfort that NXT strings are known for.  

Wilson_SGX_String_Lime The new SGX 16 is composed of a high energy core surrounded by bi-directional X-bands for a soft and comfortable feel. Available in a variety of colors (lime pictured here), the traditional synthetic gut suits all playing styles and abilities.

Although Roger Federer prominently graces the packaging of all four of Wilson's new 2011 strings, he will not be using them himself. The master uses Wilson Champion's Choice (a hybrid 16 g. 1/2 set Wilson Natural Gut and 1/2 set Luxilon ALU Power Rough that runs around $29 bucks a set– pricey for string breakers on a budget).

Prices coming soon on the Wilson newbies. Learn more at Wilson or find the string soon at Tennis-Warehouse.