Tennis Identity

For the love of toes.

Iniji black Most of you have probably seen the super-weird looking footwear with toes, not on me, never, but I have tried these toesocks in my tennis shoes.  Injinji sent me a pair from their Performance Series. They felt kinda odd but I gave them a couple of good clinic trys. 

The concept: Injinjis are designed to prevent blisters. The five-toe-sleeve design protects each toe (working well in the Vibram Five Fingers shoe), but also allows your feet to move the way nature intended. The close fitting, seamless socks eventually become a second skin and absorb the chaffing and moisture associated with physical activity. Wearers benefit from the dexterity and balance associated with each individual toe. They are great for those whose feet sweat a lot, pulling moisture away from the feet and between the toes.

Verdict: I can't say I'll be running out to buy a drawer full of these but certainly if you struggle with toe blisters or sweaty feet give them a shot. The company admits, they are hard to get used to but based on testimonials on their website, people love'em eventually and in their "normal" footwear. Find them in lightweight to midweight fabrication and micro no-show to crew style in a variety of colors. $12 a pair USD. at Injinji.