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Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2011 Tennis Fashion.

Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2011 Nike

I suspect those that buy have something to do with what I'll call the tennis domestication of Rafa. At first glance this Nike outfit is pretty tame for our Spaniard.

Rafael Nadal Shirt back with flame Australian Open 2011 No worries, he will still be a joy to watch and there is  more to this shirt than meets the eye. The color is optimistic red and the fabric offers-up 360 degree cooling through a fine mesh of engineered jacquard. My favorite element of this shirt is the flame that runs up the back mimicking Rafa's serving motion that starts down by his right hip and comes up over his left shoulder. It really is a great looking shirt.

Rafael Nadal Australain Open Nike AirMax Ballistic 3 His tennis shoes are the durable Nike Max Air Court Ballistec 3.3, bull insignia on the back and off center lacing for comfort. Designed for the guy that really pounds the court in all directions at all times.

Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2011 shirt and shorts detail The shorts are 4 way stretch, mesh gusset with velcro closure and elastic back. Learn more from the designers at Nike on Rafa's shoes, shirt and shorts HERE on youtube.

No prices yet but available soon at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide.