Tennis Identity

What Serena Williams would have worn at the Australian Open 2011.

Nike Planned Outfit for Serena Williams at Australian Open Because of her injury (and myriad of extra-curriculars), Serena Williams won't be playing at the Australian Open in 2011. That said the tennis fashion Nike planned for her will be available at retail so it's worth taking a look. The dress and tennis shoe look comfortable simple and clean. 

Alex Chan and Janice Lucena of Nike present Serena's Aussie style here in THIS VIDEO. The shoe is the Air Max Mirabella, a durable, well cushioned tennis shoe that blends great breathability and lightness in a more traditional looking street style. I really like it. 

Serena Williams Nike Tennis Fashion for Australian Opne 2011 The dress is said to be influenced by "classics" (movies, style…) and so it combines a simple v neckline (front and back) and mesh Serena Williams Nike Australian Open Dress Detail upper, over a camisole style undergarment, drop waist (with band of green piping) and simply pleated skirt. Feminine and cool in a super fresh white Serena Williams Nike Air Max Mirabella with Melbourne court-like blue.

Get well soon Serena! We miss you.

Available soon at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide.